Dear Master Classes participants,

On these pages you will find all the details concerning the 2020 project.

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The leading teachers in classical, klezmer, ethnic and other musical styles, will lead the International Master Classes.

Workshops, ensembles and contents

Who may attend the Master Classes?

Musicians and singers of all ages and all levels are invited to register. The students will be classed in suitable ensembles according to their level and their domain of interest. In addition, all will have the opportunity to play together in a large orchestra and during the evenings of free playing (jam-sessions). The workshops are for all musicians.


Chamber ensembles, vocal ensembles, a variety of ensembles, large scale orchestra.

The project's participants will be assigned to varied ensembles. These ensembles will have rehearsals throughout the project (5 days) and will appear on the last day in a classical concert or an event at the festive closing show. Scores will be sent to you in advance.

The participation in ensemble is not mandatory.

Individual classes

Individual classes are offered during the master class project.

Please inform us ahead of time to enable us to assign you to the teacher with whom you wish to study and take you into account for his time table. You will have to bring your own scores for the chosen works. Please bring also scores for accompanying musician, if required.

For any question, information or musical advice please send us an e-mail to the address:

[email protected].il


Master classes, workshops and ensembles

The classes will take place at Tel Aviv area.