Unforgettable music experience in Emek Hefer

The international master classes project "History, music, and memory", held at the Nordiya guest house and the Beit Theresienstadt Museum at Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud, brings together musicians from Israel and other countries for a shared experience of creating music, as well as fascinating workshops and concerts that utilize the love of music as a wonderful bridge between cultures.

Fascinating performances of works written by the best classical composers, combined with the history and memory of the Jewish people as documented at the Beit Theresienstadt Museum, are some of the diverse activities, in addition to workshops and master classes, shows, films, lectures, and nature outings.

The teaching staff includes outstanding performers and teachers from Israel and elsewhere. The master classes grant young musicians, as well as outstanding musicians currently serving in the army, the possibility to take part in workshops, individual lessons, ensembles, and orchestras, both instrumental and vocal, and in the project's array of concerts.

The shared musical activities that bring together the very best teachers and young musicians, performing works composed and performed in the Theresienstadt Ghetto, attest to the victory of the human spirit and of the human ability to choose good over evil.