Israeli pianist Aviva Haim Tovim specializes in virtuoso piano playing and has knowledge and unique experience in piano art performing. Graduated com laude from the Haifa Rubin Conservatory and continued her piano performance studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music with Prof. Bracha Eden, Prof. Alexander Tamir, Prof. Beny Oren, Allan Sternfield, Amy Maayani and more. She plays and teaches private piano lessons as well as in various music centers. A piano teacher at the Kiriyat Motzkin Conservatory, coordinator of music classes at the Yonathan high school, in charge of the teaching staff, the curriculum and enrichment programs. While at the Academy she performed with various jazz ensembles and currently she performs privately, in a program that combines classical and modern music, and her own covers. She also plays with two Jewish music ensembles writing for them parts and arrangements. In recent four years she coordinates artists from Massag and Carmiel and produces stage performances.